Month: April 2015

Cool Runnings

by Mat Law April 29th, 2015

So I’ve got this little run coming up…well it’s a bit more than a little run actually as I’ll be running in the Hackney half marathon in May. It could be a lot worse though, it could be a full marathon! Anyway, I’m currently in the latter stages of my training and things are going […]


Reclaim your lunch break, take back your life!

by Febe Pritchard April 7th, 2015

They say that taking a break will make your day more productive. Is it a cliché or a fact? We’ve read encouraging articles, heard inspiring stories, not to mention numerous studies conducted so we can strive for a perfect work/life balance. Mentally and spiritually, we agree wholeheartedly. Practically, isn’t it easier said than done? Recently […]