New Person Starting…VIRTUALLY!

by Sinead Hasson May 7th, 2020

It’s always a flurry of activity at Hasson Associates when a new person starts. We get systems in place, induction plans organised and arrange that all important welcome lunch.

You want to get it right because you want to engage your new employee as quickly as possible so that you can all realise the potential of this new relationship.

It’s exciting. We love the excitement of a new team mate. Having to do that remotely however is pretty terrifying.

Since the beginning of lockdown we have had several people start at new companies and in chatting to them we have realised what’s really important. Firstly, the key thing is that it is totally possible and if you get it right then you don’t need to delay a start date, you can just carry on as normal (or nearly normal!)

These are our top 5 tips for virtual onboarding your new colleague.

  1. Check that the tech works and email your new colleague with details of what to expect on day 1.
  2. If you normally have a welcome social, do it online
  3. Get your team ready to say a virtual hello to their new teammate & make sure they do
  4. Make sure your new employee knows what to expect – set clear achievable daily goals
  5. Check in several times a day by video – its ok to over manage & reassure in this situation

One of our candidates who joined a large firm was delighted to have a call from the CEO to say Hi whilst another candidate had a welcome pack delivered to their house which made all the difference.

You can still create a warm welcome and a great first impression without being able to shake their hand.

We must adapt to make sure that we survive and thrive in this new world so just because it seems challenging or unrealistic doesn’t mean that it is.

We have had some great success stories over these last few weeks and it’s allowing these clients to continue their growth plans so it can only be a good thing!

Covid-19 Statement


We understand that with the current climate, it's a worrying and uncertain time for everyone, but we'd like to reassure you that we are all safe and well. We are working remotely but we are operating as normal and making the most of the technology to make sure that we can see as many of you as possible.
We remain 100% here for everyone and are focused on everyone succeeding, surviving and thriving through this time.

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