Spring news from Research Pops

Spring has arrived, we’ve had a day or two of sunshine and we’re all enjoying the lighter evenings at Hasson Towers! The Project Operations team – Nicky and Febe – are as busy as ever with lots of new positions coming in and we’re continuing to see some slightly more unusual operational roles requiring quite different kinds of skill sets!

As well as the typical project operations roles, we have noticed an increase in the amount of translations roles we are recruiting for. We are working with a number of clients looking for good translators who can also manage projects and there definitely seems to be a lot of work out there for good language people.

We also have a new collection of ‘creative’ operational roles within qualitative and strategy agencies where they are looking for strong digital experience, including user experience, as well as project management.

Of course, as is the norm, we also have a high volume of data roles with lots of clients asking for Confirmit and SPSS Syntax in particular. These kind of candidates are in such high demand now with MR agencies, media agencies and even some end clients. Where are you guys – we need you!

So, all in all, it’s busy!

And just to clarify, project operations includes project management, fieldwork, data processing, survey programming, data management and technical roles. So if you work in this area and need a new role or you’re a client looking to recruit someone like this, please get in touch!

We’re always very happy to chat!