Author: Mat Law

How not to….telephone interview!

by Mat Law April 13th, 2016

Something we are seeing more and more of these days are telephone interviews at the initial stage of the hiring process. Feedback we’ve had from candidates and clients alike is indicating that people are losing out at this early stage by not approaching telephone interviews in the same professional way they would approach a formal […]


Job hunting over the festive period

by Mat Law December 3rd, 2015

So it’s coming up to that time of year when people try to be ‘pleasant’ and do ‘pleasant’ things in order to feel ‘pleasant’. I’m talking about Christmas of course. Now it’s completely understandable that people have their minds on other things and don’t necessarily have their game faces on when it comes to finding […]


Cool Runnings

by Mat Law April 29th, 2015

So I’ve got this little run coming up…well it’s a bit more than a little run actually as I’ll be running in the Hackney half marathon in May. It could be a lot worse though, it could be a full marathon! Anyway, I’m currently in the latter stages of my training and things are going […]


Joining the team at Hasson Associates

by Mat Law May 8th, 2014

We use the term ‘team’ a lot in the workplace, but what really struck me when joining Hasson Associates was the genuine teamwork and collaborative nature of the environment I found myself in. I know it sounds cliché but this has genuinely been my lasting impression so far in my fledgling career with the company. […]