The Rise of the Robots: Can automation kill the recruiter?

by Sinead Hasson December 10th, 2012

Keep everything crossed. It seems the UK economy might, finally, be turning a corner.  So while we wait with baited breath for the next quarterly GDP report, perhaps now is an appropriate time for the recruitment industry to take stock and assess the impact of that poisonous double dip. How should we react to continuing […]


Lunch Challenge – Part 3

by Hasson Associates December 7th, 2012

I’ve heard it many times, London is a city made up of many villages. Whether it’s Dulwich, Greenwich or Wimbledon in the South or Crouch End, Hampsted or Walthamstow in the North, Londoners love their village life. I’m no exception and I’ve fallen for a tiny village inhabited by double decker buses, surrounded by construction […]


All the leaves have fallen and November is gone….

by Hasson Associates December 6th, 2012

But what happened in the world of market research recruitment and how does that impact on you? Based on what happened at Hasson Associates, we can report a small increase in new vacancies this month. This seems fairly reflective across the industry and certainly mirrors what we hear from our clients in terms of growth. […]


It’s never too late to study – balancing work and study

by Hasson Associates November 28th, 2012

How many pupils have been and are in the situation of having finished school with no idea of what to do next? Shall I work, shall I study, shall I travel – What shall I do?! Well, I was in this very predicament and it took me 30 years to finally decide that I would […]


Lunch Challenge – Part 2

by Hasson Associates November 23rd, 2012

Sandwiches. That favourite British lunch item. I do love tucking into a sandwich but at Pret or Eat there are only so many varieties that I can go through before I get a bit bored. Also being a growing lad (unfortunately sideways) I don’t feel that the chain stores offer big enough portions and I’m […]


Misconceptions v the grizzly truth about working from home

by Kate Langford November 19th, 2012

I have worked from home 4 out of 5 days since 2004.  This was the ideal solution after I moved to the Kent coast and didn’t fancy re-training as a fish gutter!  Working from home has enabled me to have the perfect work/ life balance – taking my children to school and avoiding a really […]


Ping Pong Social

by Hasson Associates November 8th, 2012

So…where did the Hasson Associate’s team go for their autumn social? It has to be the one and only Bounce based near Chancery lane station for a fun game of ping pong! On arrival, the obvious first stop was the bar where we found a range of beverages including a menu of mouth watering cocktails, […]


Charity, does it begin at home or work?

by Sarah Penny November 7th, 2012

Seeing as it’s starting to look a lot like Christmas and soon we’ll be clamouring to the shops to buy our work-mates and family loved ones the usual and the unusual tat that looks like the perfect gift in November and December, but in January we all wonder why! So, when we buy our Christmas […]


Farewell October…..

by Sinead Hasson October 31st, 2012

So October has come to an end, Halloween costumes are packed away, the leaves have pretty much fallen and we are in freefall to Christmas. But what happened in the world of market research recruitment and how does that impact on you? You may have noticed an increase in new jobs being posted on job […]


The great Hasson bake off

by Hasson Associates October 29th, 2012

A very important question – who is the best baker at Hasson Associates? Could it be me? Well, the only dangerous competitors that I have encountered so far are Sarah and Kate, but given their recent lack of participation I would say, yes, it’s me.  In German we would say ‘Eigenlob stinkt’ for praising myself […]