Charity, does it begin at home or work?

Seeing as it’s starting to look a lot like Christmas and soon we’ll be clamouring to the shops to buy our work-mates and family loved ones the usual and the unusual tat that looks like the perfect gift in November and December, but in January we all wonder why! So, when we buy our Christmas cards, does anyone really take note of whether some of the money goes to charity?

This may seem like a glib question, which indeed it is, but more importantly throughout the year, how important is it for a company to offer its employees the chance to get involved in a charity?

Personally I wouldn’t join a company that did not offer to give something back to a cause that means something to me. Here at Hasson Associates, we support Dress for Success, a fantastic organisation that helps women get back into work. We have been donating our time there and giving interview coaching to a wide range of women getting ready for what can be their first job interview in a long time. In all honesty, I probably get more out of my donated days, than the recipients of my interview tips.

Would I take fewer company benefits in return for more charity work? Yes I would. Would I swap some bonus for days charity work?  Yes I would.  I’m either going soft in my middle age or actually it is important. I reckon charity does indeed begin at work.

So, what does your company do to help charity begin at work? Let us know, we are keen to hear how other people and employers give a little back.