Why contract when there can be so much uncertainty?

More and more candidates are deciding to take the plunge and resign from their permanent jobs with nothing in the pipeline, either to chase a better work/life balance or realising that they are not prepared to stay in a role which offers neither career progression nor job satisfaction. So, what are the advantages you can expect from contracting?

Firstly, if you do decide that a permanent job is ultimately what you are looking for, it is a good way to assess the market and to carry on working, perfecting your skills with time to search for the perfect role.

It can be a lifestyle choice, being able to pick and choose when you want to work with the variety and interest in working for different organisations whilst pursuing other interests.

You can switch off once you go home, although everything is thrown at you on a daily basis, you can leave your work and stress back in the office with no involvement in the day to day politics of office life or client pressures.

If you are contracting because personal and family reasons are dictating your availability to work, you will find that there are more part-time and flexible/home working opportunities that come up.

Of course a day rate is more than a perm salary which is appealing although- without the perm salary security –  but with good networking and becoming indispensable wherever you work, contracting can be very rewarding.

If you are thinking of contracting or are looking for your next opportunity, please do get in touch.