Freelancers – How to keep yourself busy during quiet times.

Whilst freelancers hope that down time is short lived, there are plenty of things to do to keep busy and ensure that when work returns, you are best placed to hit the ground running. 

It’s crucial for freelancers to keep up to date on skills during these times. By continuously upgrading skills and knowledge, freelancers can stay relevant in the industry, remain competitive and attractive to more clients. As the freelance landscape is ever-evolving, clients are more likely to hire those who demonstrate proficiency in the latest tools and techniques. Additionally, updating skills during quiet times can open new opportunities and allow freelancers to diversify their services.

Aside from keeping skills up to date, down time is also perfect for general freelance ‘housekeeping’. From updating your CV, website, portfolios, and social platforms to refreshing your legal (IR35) knowledge. Engaging with your network, fellow freelancers and reputable recruiters is also highly beneficial. In a nutshell, staying up to date and adaptable is essential for the success and sustainability of a freelancer’s career.

However, remember to enjoy the downtime too! It’s an opportunity to spend time at home with your family or pets, and to rest. So…make the most of it whilst it lasts!

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