The happy world of research project management.

You may wonder what makes project management in the market research industry a stimulating career choice? With my years of experience as a Project Manager, I can attest that it is a multidimensional role, and I have identified five essential parts of the role that will produce a proficient project manager.

  1. Proposal stage is an exciting phase. This is where you can showcase your financial wisdom, being aware of the impact you can make on the costs and budgets of projects. As a project operations expert, your consultative input on feasibility, schedules, logistics and quotas are indispensable.
  2. Project set-up is a diverse activity. This part is quite stimulating as you can make use of a variety of skills, and witness first-hand the creation of the study. You have the opportunity to get your creative juices flowing, and partake in the thinking process with tasks like writing the recruitment screener and instructions; and preparing the end to end of projects. Your communication, commercial and people skills are vital as you allocate fieldwork and encouraging fielding to be excited about the project.
  3. Fieldwork control is a complex journey. It is at this stage where the good and the bad take place.  Your experience and expertise will be challenged. Your passion and dedication will be tested. Handling problems, trouble shooting, regular updates, constant follow up, quality control and keeping track of work are just some of the multitude of tasks you need to attend to. Great communication, time management and multi-tasking skills are most essential. However, this period in the research project is where it is most exciting. Each day is a flurry of activities, the highs and lows keep you on your toes and making a successful execution most exhilarating!
  4. Data collection is the culmination. The light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak. Here, you will start breathing some sighs of relief. The quotas have been reached, the respondents details have arrived, prechecking and data validation results are quality assured. You just need to keep a calm and collective thinking process to ensure quality outputs and on time delivery are accomplished.
  5. Client relationship is the most rewarding. This is you communicating to internal and external stakeholders, keeping the momentum, maintaining an excellent rapport, and ensuring continuous connection throughout the project cycle. Your happy clients could mean more projects with you leading them. Their trust and confidence will be the driving force to your motivation.

So what attributes make a successful Project Manager? You should be easily adaptable to the environment, super organised, a great multi-tasker, fearless, steadfast and very upbeat. If you have these key qualities, and you’re searching for a Project Manager role, please get in touch!

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