How Engaged Are You?

Are you making a positive connection with the people you meet? Hopefully we are all trying to make a good impression in our day to day lives. This could be a greeting to your neighbour or the postman, a shy smile to someone sitting across from you on the train or Tube, thanking the barista for making your ‘usual’, that first call to a client or brainstorming with colleagues.

In our daily lives we come across people from all walks of life, culture and environment and you never know when you are going to make a worthy connection, be it personal or professional. To help with this, here are some tips for success when you are presented with the opportunity to network or meet new people:

  • Portray enthusiasm – show that you are interested, display your keenness, smile with your mouth and eyes – use positive body language.
  • Project confidence, not cockiness – self-assured but modest, make sure you don’t talk over someone which can be construed as rude and arrogant.
  • Partake in non-verbal communication – try to read what the other person is non-verbally revealing, mirror any positive body language, tackle any negativity, especially a loss of interest.
  • Plant openness – express that you are open-minded, welcoming other opportunities, possibilities and/or outside-of-the-box ideas.

A chance meeting could change the direction of your career, or whole life, so be prepared to take advantage of every opportunity to expand your network in a positive way.

Within the research and insight sector there are lots of opportunities to network, Research Club, WiRE, RNet are just a few and are worth checking out – you never know who you might meet.

Now go and create your positive impact in life!