I’m a freelancer… Get Me Out of Here!!!

Who knew the freelance world was so similar to ‘I’m a celebrity, get me out of here!’?.
Just call us the Ant and Dec of recruitment! Here’s what you need to know…

Taking the leap of faith into the unknown

There’s no denying that jumping from a plane requires nerves of steel and, more often than not, a gentle nudge from behind to get you going. Starting up your own business is not too dissimilar… especially after having the security of working in a permanent role. But, as with most of the celebs, it can be a life-changing experience with many opportunities and open doors ahead. Some doors may lead to dead ends and snakes, whilst others may lead to glitter and stars aplenty!

Navigating through the jungle

The need to come up to speed with the business side of self-employment (IR35, record keeping, invoicing, etc) can be daunting. Entering unchartered territory is not for the faint hearted, but stepping outside your comfort zone with boldness and courage is what you need to do to reap the rewards. Teaming up with other campers (or in the real world – fellow freelancers), expanding your network and joining communities with like-minded people will help navigate your way around the freelance jungle! Check out our resources page for recommended freelance networks (Link)

Setting up camp

Arriving in the midst of the jungle, it’s time to solidify your business foundations and set up camp. One of the first things you have to do is establish your rates: pitching too high might result in less work, but going in too low means you could end up working all hours for little return. Speak to us for guidance on the industry day rates so you don’t under sell yourself.

Coping with hunger

To enjoy a feast, you simply must work hard and build a good reputation. Sometimes that means wading through the unthinkable. It can be fun at times, but on some occasions, utterly terrifying. It may not always be clear where the next meal (job) will come from… but being prepared and having a determined attitude will no doubt bring home the stars! Teaming up with a recruiter will help relieve some of the stresses in securing your next ‘meal’.

Facing your fears

Ok, so freelancing doesn’t involve any horrible eating challenges, close encounters with creepy crawlies or being shut inside dark spaces, however you may be faced with many ‘opportunities’ perhaps you didn’t think you signed up for. Freelancing is a great way to learn, progress and try something new – enjoy the challenges.

Seeking public approval

The celebs rely on public votes to keep them in the show and also to decide who’s going to be crowned the new Queen/King of the Jungle. As a freelancer, you need to rely on the support and approval of your clients for repeat work and referrals. Having a recruiter represent you, will elevate your position in the freelance world, so if you want to discuss your next ‘bush tucker trial’, get in touch! E:nikki@hassonassociates.com