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Associate Director – Social Media Intelligence

  • england, europe, london

Salary £40000 - £50000

Ref 888941

Really exciting role with the social media intelligence unit of this global agency. You will work across a range of sector looking at the insights drawn from social intelligence to help clients make better and more effective decisions. You will have expertise with social intelligence and/ or analytics and unstructured data as well as extensive experience with technology and how it can be implemented to make sense of data. You will be working with both qualitative and quantitative data and it will be your role to interpret that for internal stakeholders and clients so clear confidence in communicating findings is critical. You also need to be passionate about this field we are looking for future leaders people who are willing and want to continue to learn and evolve as the technology allows.

Hasson Associates and their clients welcome applications from everyone. Together we are committed to creating a truly inclusive and diverse workplace, and will consider your CV purely based on the potential that you’ll bring to the role.

Contact: Sinead Hasson