What makes the perfect Freelance CV?

Generally speaking, a CV is the first thing an employer or potential client sees when you introduce yourself, it’s your selling point. No matter what level you are, your CV should do the talking. So, what’s the best way to do this and should the CV of a freelancer or contractor look different to a permanent candidate?

In short, yes. Although, unless you’re feeling particularly arty you don’t need to create a masterpiece, but you can afford to make it eye-catching and well formatted. The best freelancing CVs are concise, yet informative and unlike a CV for a permanent role, it is not necessary to have your entire working history (like that time in 2004 when you had a temporary Christmas role at WHSmith). It’s more about highlights, skills and accomplishments. What you can do for the client, and putting it in context with what you have done in the past.

Below is a template that I have created, which might get you on the right track >


It’s not so far removed from what a permanent job-seeker’s CV would look like, the main differences are, rather than focusing on your responsibilities of what every single role has entailed, you’re focusing on projects and what you did for the company/organisation and what your purpose was.

This puts you and your experience into context for the client, who might currently be looking for someone to take on a project and sees your CV and the similar work you’ve taken part in and will feel compelled to speak to you. You can choose whether or not you include the brands/specifics of each project – if you wish to keep that confidential that’s fine, as long as you are prepared that you might be asked in more detail at the interview stage.

My 3 main pieces of advice are:

  • Keep your CV up-to-date with your most recent contracts and projects.
  • Well thought out and consistent formatting (e.g. spacing, fonts, font sizes and clear titles) makes a CV. You don’t need to be an artist to make a well formatted CV.
  • Only have on your CV what is necessary, it’s your introduction, not your whole story.

If you want guidance with how to sell yourself on your CV, a little help with formatting or just a second opinion, give us a call on 0207 637 1300