Mindless job applications

The days in which people need a job, any job, are over. So why, as candidates, do we still act like we need to apply to all the available job postings? I’m sure all recruiters/employers here have had mindless job applications from smart and educated candidates with great experience, but totally unsuitable to the role they were applying. So why is this still happening?

While there is some justice to “it’s a numbers game”, especially in bigger cities or when candidates want to change industries, I think there’s only two reason why candidates apply to everything:

  1. People are unaware of the job requirements
  2. People don’t care about the job requirements

If you are one of these candidates, please stop and consider a different approach. You will be much more successful in getting a new role quicker if you follow these steps:

  1. Read the specifications of the job
  2. Consider if you have some relevant experience and highlight it on your CV/Profile/Cover message. No need to be a 100% fit, but anything more than 60% is worth pursuing.
  3. Send your CV including a short, to-the-point message about what you are looking for
  4. Follow-up with the employer/recruiter a few days later

In my experience, being a bit more targeted with your job search is more effective in the long run. Don’t waste valuable hours of your day sending mindless applications to everything available. Increase your chances for a positive feedback with more consideration for the advert and respect for the job poster.