Moving to The Netherlands

Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague – great cities in a beautiful country. Famous for tulips, cycling, great beer, a laid back culture, and a short distance from the UK and most major European countries. You may have considered visiting for a weekend but have you ever thought about a more permanent move?

Here’s why:

  1. Career opportunities – you will have lots of options to work in a small, medium or large market research agency or client side for some of the coolest brands like Heineken, Douwe Egberts or Unilever. Amsterdam, Rotterdam or The Hague are the bigger cities where you could quickly find work, but they are easily accessible from smaller cities like Utrecht, Hilversum, Gouda or Leiden.
  2. Culture – this is very diverse, cosmopolitan and inclusive. People of various ages or seniority levels socialise and there’s a pronounced feeling of a flat structure in companies.
  3. Language – most organizations produce their deliverables in English, so language in the workplace is not a problem. There is a large community of expats in the bigger cities and a general acceptance of people who don’t speak Dutch.
  4. Lifestyle – everyone bikes everywhere yet people eat lots of very sweet or very cheesy treats! Markets, coffee shops and summer festivals everywhere make Dutch people lively and friendly. You’ll also enjoy the gorgeous scenery with renaissance and modern architecture… and there are tulips everywhere.
  5. Work & life tends to be much more balanced and part-time working is much more present. People are happier in general, especially kids (according to a 2013 UNICEF study)
  6. Cost of living – food, accommodation, and transport are cheaper than in the UK, while eating out is generally expensive. For example renting a one bedroom flat in the city centre of Amsterdam, The Hague or Netherlands will cost up to about EURO 1,500.

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