Cool Runnings

So I’ve got this little run coming up…well it’s a bit more than a little run actually as I’ll be running in the Hackney half marathon in May. It could be a lot worse though, it could be a full marathon!

Anyway, I’m currently in the latter stages of my training and things are going okay, I mean yes I’ve had some pretty horrendous blisters, and yes I’ve struggled to feel my thighs at times, but all in all things have not gone too bad. I must admit, however, I’ve found it hard to find the time to go on long runs after work seeing as I recently started watching House of Cards (better late than never) and things are really hotting up…and yes this is a genuine dilemma for me. Regardless of my habitual dependence on the aforementioned show, I’m pleased I’ve found the time/motivation to keep to a decent running regime, although it could always be better, to at least give myself a chance of running a good time.

One useful piece of advice for people starting out is don’t overlook the importance of socks. Yup, socks. My colleague gasped when she found out I spent over a tenner on a pair of anti-blister running socks but the truth is they have been my best recent purchase (apart from Netflix subscription to watch House of Cards).

So there you go, why not start running…you’ll probably find it’s only a third less boring than you initially thought, or even better…you might actually start enjoying it as I have.