Sleep your way to the top!


What do Churchill, Einstein, JFK and Aristotle all have in common? Besides all being highly successful in their chosen careers, they all practised micro napping, grabbing a cheeky 40 winks during the working day.  Churchill claimed that it helped him get twice as much done each day and Einstein used his micro naps to top up his 10 hours (!) of sleep overnight.

It seems that there is a current resurgence in the business world in awareness of the benefits of sleep. The highly successful digital entrepreneur, Arianna Huffington, is on a modern-day sleep crusade which she sets out in her book “The Sleep Revolution”. She taps into the new golden age of sleep science that reveals the vital role that sleep plays in our health, job performance, relationships and our happiness.

So, what are the benefits to today’s workers and employers of everyone getting a good night’s rest and a solid eight hours sleep?

  • You’ll stay cooler under pressure – a well-rested mind is always more at ease
  • You’ll be more popular – studies prove that well-slept leaders are perceived as more charismatic.
  • You’ll process information better if you sleep on it – sleep solidifies information into long-term memories
  • Quality rest = Quality performance – a good night’s sleep fosters a positive work environment
  • You’ll be less accident prone – insufficient sleep leads to decreased productivity, performance and workplace safety
  • You’ll be smarter – sleep improves our ability to problem-solve and recall information

So here are some tips for a good night’s sleep (courtesy of Arianna):

  • Create a bedroom environment that is dark, quiet and cool
  • Turn off electronic devices at least 30 mins before bedtime
  • Stop drinking caffeine after 2pm
  • Use your bed for sleep only – not work!
  • Write down a list of what you’re grateful for. This is a great way to make your blessings get the closing scene before you head to the land of Nod.

It really does prove that it is possible, and highly recommended, to sleep your way to the top of your game 😉