The run up to Christmas at Hasson

It’s been a very busy and very sociable couple of weeks for the Hasson Associates team ahead of the countdown to Christmas. Did I mention it’s only another 15 sleeps until Santa comes down the chimney!

DSC_0021 revLast week  we attended the Marketing and Digital awards as finalists in the ‘niche agency’ category. Apart from being the most underdressed people there – this means we were wearing MORE clothes than anyone else attending – we had a really fun evening. It was fantastic to be nominated for such a prestigious award but unfortunately we didn’t win on this occasion! This didn’t dampen our sprits too much though and we went on to have lots of fun in the ‘Photo Booth’ where we made absolute fools of ourselves taking ridiculous photos for a good half hour!  We also met a whole bunch of ‘lookielikies’ , the best of whom was probably  David Beckham. I thought he was quite convincing but apparently he looks more like David Brent than David Beckham! See what you think…

DSC_0028Work wise, we’ve had our busiest final quarter since Hasson Associates began. The jobs have been flying in for the Project Operations team with lots of data related roles and also another big increase in the very popular hybrid research/project management position. These kinds of people are so in demand at the moment and they are integral part of any research agency now. We’ve also been busy meeting clients and discussing plans for 2016 and even managed to squeeze in a couple of festive lunches… and there’s still time for more.

We are open until the 23rd December and always happy to have visitors, so if you’re in the Oxford Circus area and looking for a new research job or if you want to brief us on a new position you’re recruiting for, please do pop in. There’s always someone available to help.

And just to finish off, a couple of cracking jokes provided by the young offspring of Nicky and Catherine…

How do you make gold soup?

With nine carats!! (carrots  – gedditt?!)

What does Miley Cyrus have for Christmas dinner?


And on that note, I’m off home to put my Christmas tree up!!