Month: March 2016

To Skype or not to Skype?

by Alex Giurgiu March 30th, 2016

Technology doesn’t always go hand in hand with recruitment but in terms of interviewing we are seeing a good use of technology which is helping to make the process more efficient. Skype interviewing is used more and more at the expense of the face to face and telephone alternatives. As recruiters, we suggest it to our […]


Who’s really under your roof?

by Freya Valentine March 24th, 2016

As recruitment consultants, we’re always finding ourselves vetting and finding out more about our candidates and clients in order to find the best possible match. Why should finding a new flatmate be any different? It’s definitely important to find out who’s living under your roof before letting them move in, and this is a lesson […]


Now where did I put my CV….? Tips for senior job hunters

by Catherine Vaughan March 9th, 2016

So you’re a Director level professional with a healthy salary, bonus and perks; you’ve some fantastic experience under your belt and a great network of industry contacts. This should stand you in great stead when you’re looking for your next career step, shouldn’t it? Sadly, though, moving jobs for experienced candidates is often more problematic […]