Month: November 2018

Information is Beautiful

by Charles Moore November 26th, 2018

We live in a world where more data is being created and collected – consumer, transactional, competitor data, big data, social media, digital, attitudinal, behavioural data, quant, qual etc, etc. The more and more data that is collected the more unwieldy it becomes. It’s therefore becoming more important for companies to build the capabilities to […]


Expansion at Hasson Associates

by Anna Foster November 22nd, 2018

It’s been a really busy few months at Hasson Associates and we wanted to keep you updated with some of the changes. Due to the new GDPR regulations and our desire to ensure that the data we hold is secure and up to date, we have promoted Anna Soares Dos Santos to a new post […]


Open your business to flexible talent…

by Sinead Hasson November 22nd, 2018

I don’t think it’s a war so much as a constant battle. All businesses (ours included) need to continuously maintain a pipeline of talent. You never know when disaster/resignations might occur, or when you win a big piece of business and need a bigger team to support the new client. So it is best practice […]


Covid-19 Statement


We understand that with the current climate, it's a worrying and uncertain time for everyone, but we'd like to reassure you that we are all safe and well. We are working remotely but we are operating as normal and making the most of the technology to make sure that we can see as many of you as possible.
We remain 100% here for everyone and are focused on everyone succeeding, surviving and thriving through this time.

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