Here are our top tips for finding and securing the best people to fill your openings:

  • Think about the culture you want and use that as an objective.
  • Prepare a job brief. Keep it brief and separate the ‘essential’ experience and skills you require from the ‘desirable’. 
  • Ensure your interviewer is prepared and has read the candidate’s CV. For consistency, you may want the same person to do all first interviews.
  • On interview day, make sure everyone knows a candidate is coming. First impressions matter and involving others can produce sharp insights. 
  • Give and take feedback to and from your recruitment consultancy – it helps all parties.
  • Don’t leave it too long between first and second interview.
  • Where possible, get potential recruits to meet their would-be colleagues.
  • Make the offer you feel is fair to both the candidate and you. Give a deadline by which you need a decision, so you can plan ahead.
  • Use your recruitment consultancy to check in with your new member of the team and make sure they’re setting in happily.