BMG Research is a leading independent provider of market research services to the UK public and social sectors.  They work in partnership with clients to deliver bespoke market research solutions and Omnibus surveys. BMG combine leading-edge methodologies, social research and deep public sector knowledge to solve client’s challenges, shape government policy and positively impact society.

BMG can only facilitate this with great researchers at the helm and Hasson Associates has partnered BMG in finding a wealth of talent in what has been a candidate short market.

Hasson Associates has worked with BMG Research for many years and has successfully placed in their offices in Birmingham, Glasgow and latterly London. This story starts when BMG opened their London offices in Spring 2019.  


Simon Wood, Head of Research was tasked with building the London office, now a team of twenty.   At the start of the covid pandemic, BMG were rightly concerned about the future but pivoted the business and seized the opportunity to re-orientate the business around client needs. A series of covid related trackers provided a robust platform and growth followed transforming the client list to now be a rich roster. BMG has successfully expanded its capabilities and continues to thrive in an uncertain economy.

During this period Hasson Associates worked closely with Simon and the team to ensure a diverse and inclusive team was put in place. A lot of the recruitment has been at the sweet spot of SRE and RM.

Personality is key for Simon and with a relationship built on trust, Simon knows that the CV’s put in front of him have been carefully vetted to ensure a cultural fit.   Hasson Associates ensure a thorough interview process is followed and with the BMG knowledge in place the questions asked ensures the fit is there for all parties.   The recruitment process is quick and smooth with speed being important, so that candidates are not lost in a tight marketplace.  


Being a part of the BMG journey has helped us to be well paced to tell the story and candidates very rarely say no to being introduced on the back of that.   This has resulted in numerous successful placements both on the research (RE – Director) and the operational side of the business, helping ensure that BMG have grown from strength and strength and is well placed in what is a busy sector to win more business.   Over the past 4 years – 87% of offers have been accepted and many of those remain in place today.

“I have known and worked with Damon for many years’ and he has always been a trusted recruitment partner. He has an eye for talent and has immersed himself in our business to ensure the candidates presented are ones I will want to speak to. 

As an agency we are too busy to waste time interviewing the wrong candidates and Damon just gets us.

I enjoy working with Damon and he is passionate about delivery. He does that with a smile and it is always good to catch up with him in person and talk non-work stuff, enjoy a drink and have a laugh!”Simon Wood, Head of Research, BMG