We have been working with davies+mckerr for over 10 years now, during this time they have grown from strength to strength and evolved a great deal in terms of innovation and approach in the MR world.

They are one of the most creative, strategic and forward-thinking independently owned research agencies in the industry. They cover a wide range of sectors including media, tech, fmcg, automotive, retail, finance and many more. Their client base is mainly globally renowned brands and their partnerships are long standing, trying to resolve a vast range of commercial problems.


Having placed a number of senior people for them over the years, davies+mckerr is always that point of difference for candidates. It is an agency that seems to stand out from the others as the founders come from an advertising background, a lot of their work collaborates with advertising agencies and involves a partnership that covers branding, global qualitative work and planning. This unique combination is appealing as it taps into a range of different skill sets and experiences for candidates.

Cultural fit and personality are key for davies+mckerr and are the main driving factors when presenting a shortlist of candidates. The team is a small and agile and anybody who joins must hit the ground running, both technically and professionally.

Hasson Associates ensures a thorough interview and screening process as we have worked with them for so long, our understanding of how they work and the type of person that fits is crucial. This in turn helps them and usually the people we introduce are a ‘fit’ from the beginning. This makes the recruitment process a lot easier and ensures that it runs smoothly and has a positive outcome.


As a result over the years of working hand-in-hand with davies+mckerr, having honest and open discussions regularly as to where they are as a business and what their recruitment requirements are going to be in the short and long term has helped build a successful and solid recruitment partnership. The direction and vision of the agency and plans for the future are shared openly and in turn with prospective candidates which makes the recruitment process much easier and successful for all parties involved. 

Abi is our go to recruiter, and for good reason- she’s spotted and helped us hire some of our biggest hits in recent years that have helped us take transformative strides as an agency.

As a team with ambition that’s grown rapidly recently but carefully, we simply don’t have time to carry cultural misses for what we need right now and where we’re heading as a team. 

We’re picky and Abi really gets us- helping us find the restless thinkers that are looking for something more inspiring than the average research agency to apply their talents and put down their roots.” – Shaun Barton, Managing Partner, davies+mckerr