We have been working with Elma Research since they established their London office in 2013. They are an independently owned and run Italian agency, operating out of Milan and Rome. They have over 60 employees, with a team of 11 in London. 

They are one of the most innovative and forward-thinking healthcare market research agencies in the industry. They cover pharmaceuticals, devices, OTC and biotech. Their approach is always bespoke, working in partnerships with their client base, trying to resolve a vast range of commercial problems.


Having placed a number of senior people for them over the years, Elma approached us at the start of the pandemic in March 2020 with the intention of hiring a number of pivotal roles. Business was booming and they had won numerous pieces of research, so resource was needed in order to ensure the smooth running of the business.  A hiring strategy was developed, and a number of roles were identified – Senior Director, two junior members, Director of Data and Reporting – as well as the onboarding of a Research Manager at the very beginning of lockdown. 

Cultural fit is key for Elma and is the main driving factor when presenting the shortlist of candidates. The team is small and agile and anybody who joins has to hit the ground running, both technically and professionally.

Hasson Associates ensured a thorough interview and screening process was conducted and only presented a small number of candidates to Elma. This was to make the choice easier as time was limited. The junior Research Executive roles, for example, received over 65 applicants almost overnight! 


As a result of the last six months of working hand-in-hand with Elma, having open and frank discussions on a weekly basis, five successful hires have been made. This has been a unique time _ over the course of the pandemic – and the onboarding process has been slick, refined and, most importantly, welcoming. This relationship with Elma is based on trust and openness; the direction and vision of the agency and plans for the future are shared, which makes the recruitment process much easier and successful. 

“Partnering with a solid recruitment agency is vital for a company who wants to grow in these challenging times. We are happy to have Abi onboard, and having a long-lasting relationship helps us to communicate what type of employee we are looking for, in terms of skills but also in terms of mind-set and professional attitude. We now have an amazing team, born and grown almost 100% remotely! And other positions are open, so contact Abi if you want to join us!”

Elma Research