After taking a brief for a complex role from one of our key clients I briefed our in house resourcer to support my search. She successfully identified this candidate and I got in touch to arrange an initial conversation.

We talked in detail about his experience to date, key achievements and also what he wanted to do next both in terms of roles, responsibilities and culture. I was able to talk to him in great detail about this opportunity as it was an opening within a new team within a wider team and an exciting vision and I had been thoroughly briefed by the hiring manager.

This particular candidate hadn’t thought of moving to a global research business but my expert knowledge of the business, the culture and the role meant that he could see it was an interesting opportunity. Once he met with the client he could see that it could be a brilliant role for his next move.

I have worked with the client for many years and we have a very trusted relationship, this allowed me to coach the candidate throughout the whole process.

Part of the interview process required an in-depth business plan, and I was able to understand and listen to his thoughts and ideas and allow him to run through it all before the final presentation.

After a lengthy interview process involving 4 stages, 2 video and 2 in person meetings he was offered the role, this role was unique as it allowed him to combine strategic consultancy knowledge and deep understanding of research within this sector.

The candidate was so pleased to be offered the role as through the process he was confident that this would allow him to achieve his career goals both in the medium and long term. This process took 8 weeks from initial consultation to offer accepted.

“From a candidate perspective, you were really knowledgeable and professional but also really warm and personable.” – Candidate