Month: July 2015

10 things you need to know before moving to London!

by Hasson Associates July 29th, 2015

London! It has been my life’s dream to pack my bags, ship myself out of Australia and land smack bang in the middle of London – just a stone’s throw away from magical Europe. I had many assumptions about what would happen when I moved here; I would jump out of the plane, shout out […]


The team that plays together – stays together!

by Hasson Associates July 22nd, 2015

Much is made of the social aspect of work. When we are briefed on new jobs and if  we meet new clients they tell us of the social aspect of their company. Company parties, drinks on a Friday, quarterly fun days – this forms part of the sell when we  introduce our candidates to clients. […]


It’s time for MR to design a workplace for the future

by Sinead Hasson July 15th, 2015

The research and insight industries need a new workspace strategy to attract and retain young talent. As the next generation of top graduates prepares to enter the world of work, the merry-go-round of activity designed to lure new talent into MR swings into action. But, for many MR firms, the battle to recruit and retain […]


Who is running the household?

by Damon Thomas July 7th, 2015

As my daughter turned six yesterday, I was reminded of a talk I attended at The Market Research Summit in May.  Anna Barnes and Laura Morby from One-MS presented a piece of research that looked at a shift in parenting styles, a democratisation of the decision making process, and kids’ total immersion in technology, to […]