Who is running the household?

As my daughter turned six yesterday, I was reminded of a talk I attended at The Market Research Summit in May.  Anna Barnes and Laura Morby from One-MS presented a piece of research that looked at a shift in parenting styles, a democratisation of the decision making process, and kids’ total immersion in technology, to learn just how influential this generation is, and the ultimate ramifications for brands.

‘Gen Z’ were found to be empowered, savvy, and as the following quote shows, starting to take control.  ‘Mum is boss, then me, then Dad.  I am before Dad because he is not good at making decisions where as I have straightforward answers when asked a question’.

Most kids in this piece of research where older than my six year old by some way but I totally got it and I am happy in my third place – although I think the guinea pigs are arguably above any opinion I have too.

When I was growing up, where we might go for a family meal was my parent’s choice, in our house it is more often than not swayed by a six year old – ridiculous really but true.  Sometimes it is collaborative and maybe it is this that has changed over the years.  As a parent, I am very aware of Instagram, Snapshot etc. but I am not involved with it. However, it would seem that 66% of the UK’s 12-15 year old with smartphones have this at their fingertips.

So Brands are shifting and have a new target that will more than often influence the decision within the family unit?  I live in fear as my little girl becomes even savvier (she scares me now) and I further lose the ability to say NO!