Month: February 2016

MR Career Development Now and Then

by Sinead Hasson February 29th, 2016

 The problem with writing about career development 70 years ago is that I’m far too young to hark back to 1945 and, frankly, I don’t know anyone in MR that isn’t. Some are dead. Most are happily retired and are therefore paying little attention to Impact – least of all to a column about career […]


Modern CV Design

by Kate Langford February 23rd, 2016

The Curriculum Vitae has gone through a long-needed makeover in recent years. That, oh so formal, document listing academic qualifications, the driving licence pass, and accounting for every month of your working life has finally lost its rigidity and dares to be something more creative. Very rarely do we now see age, marital status and […]


Fall in love with freelancing!

by Hasson Associates February 11th, 2016

It’s that time of year again! The shops are covered in love hearts and roses. Men are in a frantic panic to make those last minute plans and/or get bouquets organised, and the ladies are getting ready to go social media crazy with photos of special treats from their significant others: #luckiestgirl #boyfriend, or lack of one: #singlelife #aloneforever! Why […]