Month: February 2017

Life as a freelancer – can it work?

by Damon Thomas February 24th, 2017

The simple answer to the question is ‘Yes’ and working as a freelancer, a contractor or interim has many benefits, but may not suit everyone. Life as a freelancer can be exciting, offering a flexible, varied and rewarding career, giving a great work/life balance and the opportunity to work at several different organisations within short […]


Innovations in Project Operations

by Febe Pritchard February 17th, 2017

Research specialists are always looking to evolve. Words such as ‘innovation’ and ‘digital’ come to mind. Those in project operations are keen to keep up and progress with the times. It is no longer the job itself.  Having the opportunity to develop and improve skills, showcase and voice their ideas whilst working at a company […]


The true value of Values

by Catherine Vaughan February 10th, 2017

It’s been well-documented that the most successful businesses – whether large or small – all have one thing in common: well-defined core values. When employees share a common value-system, they work together towards a common goal – this makes for a more harmonious environment. At Hasson Associates, we’ve always had a strong sense of identity, […]