Life as a freelancer – can it work?

The simple answer to the question is ‘Yes’ and working as a freelancer, a contractor or interim has many benefits, but may not suit everyone.

Life as a freelancer can be exciting, offering a flexible, varied and rewarding career, giving a great work/life balance and the opportunity to work at several different organisations within short periods of time.

As an interim resource, you typically slot in to the role confidently, with high skill, knowledge, and experience (no room for hand holding).  As you are fulfilling an instant need, the level of pay tends to be highly competitive, however the weight of expectation can be significantly heavier.

So what is required to be a successful freelancer?

Adaptability and flexibility

Entering an entirely new environment, you will need to be flexible, adaptable and able to quickly get up to speed with the demands of the new role and the new organisation.

Ability to cope with pressure

Everyone feels both excitement and stress dealing with new people and new environments and their will undoubtedly be demands on you to demonstrate value and ability quickly, to deliver fast and tangible results.  As a freelancer, the added pressure to do this will come with the short notice period attached to the contract (can be as little as one day).  Most freelancers thrive on this and enjoy this pressure and will have the confidence to make this work.

A strong Communicator

You must have great communication skills as you will need to be able to get on and deliver what is required within a given time-frame and hand back, once the contract ends.

Freelancing can be very rewarding as a career.  You don’t get bogged down in the company politics, you get rewarded at a high level, you manage your holiday/time-off and get to enjoy different organisations and environments, that enhance your CV.

At Hasson Associate we have a dedicated interim team.  We have seen an increase in the need for interim resource and escalating interest in candidates looking at this as a career choice.

If you feel this is you, get in touch, the rewards far outweigh the pitfalls.  Life as a freelancer – can it work?  Yes, it can!