Working from home

Hybrid Working – Love it or Loathe it? In the ‘olden’ days, choosing where to work was easy. You picked the

Navigating Redundancy

Unfortunately, we are currently seeing several redundancies across the sector. Some of these are planned and carried

A career in evaluation

We meet a lot of people who want to build a career in an industry that allows them to give something back to society,

AI & Recruitment

While artificial intelligence (AI) has brought numerous advancements and efficiencies to the recruitment process, there

Mental Health Week: Anxiety

Mental Health week has come around again. Since March 2020, when we were plunged into a pandemic, it feels as though we

Returning to Market Research

It is estimated that the average worker experiences 12 different job roles throughout their working life. The reason

Survey Results

In September of this year we carried out a survey of our database to find out a little more of what is important to you

Keeping Up With The Googles

Massage rooms, basketball courts and a swimming pool are just some of the perks which will be on offer at Goggle’s

Learning from each other

Boomers, Generation Xers, Millennials and then Generation Zers bringing up the rear. Four generations of our population