Month: June 2018

It’s more than hashtags… it’s about action.

by Sinead Hasson June 21st, 2018

The current conversation around diversity and inclusion is getting louder and louder – it’s in everyday media, marketing, and news. Its been talked about in the boardroom, the kitchen, and probably in the pub on a Friday after work. Could there be a danger that we stop hearing it? I worry that we will stop […]


Sleep your way to the top!

by Charles Moore June 11th, 2018

What do Churchill, Einstein, JFK and Aristotle all have in common? Besides all being highly successful in their chosen careers, they all practised micro napping, grabbing a cheeky 40 winks during the working day.  Churchill claimed that it helped him get twice as much done each day and Einstein used his micro naps to top […]


Moving to The Netherlands

by Alex Giurgiu June 7th, 2018

Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague – great cities in a beautiful country. Famous for tulips, cycling, great beer, a laid back culture, and a short distance from the UK and most major European countries. You may have considered visiting for a weekend but have you ever thought about a more permanent move? Here’s why: Career opportunities – […]


Hasson Associates International has now officially launched!

by Sinead Hasson June 1st, 2018

Hasson Associates International has now officially launched, with our consultant Alexandra Giurgiu leading our business in mainland Europe. Alex has been part of the Hasson Associates team for 3 years and prior to that she worked with Sue Hill Recruitment. She is passionate about recruitment in the research & insights sector, so when we were […]