Hasson Associates International has now officially launched!

Hasson Associates International has now officially launched, with our consultant Alexandra Giurgiu leading our business in mainland Europe.

Alex has been part of the Hasson Associates team for 3 years and prior to that she worked with Sue Hill Recruitment. She is passionate about recruitment in the research & insights sector, so when we were looking for someone who could service our clients in mainland Europe she was the perfect choice.

This expansion is partly due to a sense of restlessness we are seeing amongst some of our candidates who are frustrated by the insecurity of the political situation in the UK and who are bringing forward plans to return home.

Equally, candidates in the UK who may have traditionally looked at Asia and Australia for a few years abroad are now seeing the near continent as a viable option. Many of our clients in the EU are primarily English speaking as they are often part of global networks, which is a positive for UK nationals who may not have multilingual skills.

When we talk to candidates we can see that people are much more likely to move across borders when thinking about career development. This is not just UK to EU but also within the EU – there is a strong indication that many French nationals will move to Belgium or Switzerland and lots of Romanians move to Germany or Denmark. The research & insights sector is strong throughout Europe and the growth of offices in many cities is creating greater opportunities for clients and candidates alike.

The added bonus if you are moving from London is that many cities across Europe can provide a better standard of living for a fraction of the price.

So when you are thinking about career development, don’t just think about location in terms of your current country; think about opportunities in general. Who knows where you might end up.

If you want to know more about how we can support you across the continent please get in touch with Alexandra Giurgiu.

E: alex@hassonassociates.com | T: +44 7972 170 194  | Skype: alex_hasson

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