It’s more than hashtags… it’s about action.

The current conversation around diversity and inclusion is getting louder and louder – it’s in everyday media, marketing, and news. Its been talked about in the boardroom, the kitchen, and probably in the pub on a Friday after work.

Could there be a danger that we stop hearing it?

I worry that we will stop hearing and listening, and as employers and managers we will forget to address the core issues at stake.

We know that a diverse work force makes for better work.

We know that we shouldn’t hire in our own likeness.

We know we need to build stronger networks across communities.

The reality is that in the war for talent, we need to deal with the realities of finding people to do the jobs we need, and that sometimes means going for the easier options, the safest route, the quickest fix. That doesn’t always facilitate a diverse work force.

A long-term strategy might not help in the short-term, but it will certainly help in the years to come, and knowing that you have made that commitment will improve your proposition to future employees.

At Hasson Associates we have committed to supporting our clients to be more diverse. To that end, we will;

  • Use gender-neutral language in all adverts and candidate profiles
  • Endeavour to produce a balanced shortlist for all roles
  • Encourage all clients to create gender neutral communications around jobs.
  • Encourage all clients to compile a balanced interview panel              
  • Initiate conversations with our clients by asking for their diversity/inclusion policy to heighten awareness
  • Reach out to other communities to ensure that we are present in a broad section of the community
  • Participate in or run activities that promote equality and diversity in the MRS industry
  • Recruit from a wide talent pool to ensure that we are a diverse team.
  • Commit to helping our clients and candidate work in a diverse and inclusive environment.

As members of APSco we have also signed up to their diversity charter and are an ‘APSCo Member Committed to Diversity.’

Over the coming months we will prepare a series of videos showing you how to develop a more diverse work place. In the meantime, if you would like to talk more about how we can help you create a more diverse work force, please get in touch.


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