Month: April 2020

Hiring in Lockdown! Is it possible?

by Sinead Hasson April 30th, 2020

LinkedIn is littered with posts about ‘business as usual’ and ‘lets carry on regardless!’ But it’s just not possible. Multi-tasking has reached a new peak as people are trying to fulfil their work responsibilities, educate their children, navigate the supermarket and keep a sense of humour within the same 4 walls. It’s tough and we […]


Views from #lockdown.

by Sinead Hasson April 27th, 2020

Is it week 4 or 5? I have lost track of weeks and days and like most people wondering how we can successfully exit this hibernation with sanity intact. This lockdown has affected recruitment in a fairly dramatic way, in a way which reflects whats happening for many employers. Much hiring has been put on […]


Job seeking in a socially distanced fashion.

by Sinead Hasson April 23rd, 2020

When we talk to you about looking for a new role, we talk about the look and feel of the company and the people you will work with. We chat about that first impression, that gut instinct that moment when you look into someone’s eyes and you know this is the one. That might seem […]