Job seeking in a socially distanced fashion.

When we talk to you about looking for a new role, we talk about the look and feel of the company and the people you will work with. We chat about that first impression, that gut instinct that moment when you look into someone’s eyes and you know this is the one. That might seem a little dramatic, but your job takes up a huge part of your life so you have got to get it right. That is all gone – for now definitely – and perhaps for some time to come.

We all must learn how to communicate better using technology so that we can still be confident in the decisions we make. We are all socialising using technology and we must get used to the place it will now have in all aspects of our lives.

Remote interviewing or even telephone interviews have long been a part of any recruitment process, but we are now looking at an environment where they are more common and I suspect once we get used to them they will be used more readily.

The advantage is that they are convenient; no one has to travel – you can do them from a space that you decide at a more convenient time. The danger is that you think of them differently… but the principle is the same. This is an interview and you must use it properly if you are going to make the right decision and the right impression.

We have spoken to people who are currently attending these interviews and based on their feedback here are our top tips for making sure that this works for you.

  1. Check that your technology works. Do a test run
  2. Set the scene. Do not have a distracting background OR distracting background noise and make sure you are dressed for an interview
  3. Behave like it is an in-person meeting but acknowledge that it’s not
  4. Prepare – thoroughly. Key examples for the core parts of the role
  5. Listen. Clarify. Answer – Clearly

Take a few minutes prior to the interview to get into the zone, imagine you are in a reception waiting to be called. This will give you the headspace to step into interview mode and make sure all distractions are removed. You need to be as focused as if you were in a room with the interviewer.

Take time to think and reflect on the interview – you will need to really hone your senses to check your gut instinct on this. Speak to your recruiter and assess the opportunity before you make the decision on whether it is right for you.

This is not an ideal time to be looking for a new role, but if you need to move or you need a job, you must keep moving forward and learn to navigate the new landscape.

We can help so just give us a call.

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