Views from #lockdown.

Is it week 4 or 5?

I have lost track of weeks and days and like most people wondering how we can successfully exit this hibernation with sanity intact.

This lockdown has affected recruitment in a fairly dramatic way, in a way which reflects whats happening for many employers. Much hiring has been put on hold whilst companies big and small work out how to navigate this new world. As a result, we recruiters are in the same boat, having to make furlough decisions is tough but we are thankful for the option as I am sure many are. We miss our furloughed colleagues but looking forward to all being together again.

Our staff, like everyone, are now teachers, carers and recruiters – that coupled with the real threat of the virus has become the number one priority. We recognise when talking to all of you that work/life boundaries don’t exist anymore.

The opportunity for us is that we have had more time to talk to people to help them to plan their next move whatever that might be. We have also had a chance to speak to our clients – business to business and person to person as this new world means that in many cases, for the first time, we are in the same boat.

We have been overwhelmed by the many clients who have taken time out to check that we are ok which reminds me how lucky we are to have long term relationships with brilliant people.

Many businesses are agile and are innovating services and products to create new opportunities, mental barriers are removed and new ideas are given space to breathe.

The same goes for us, we are starting to think about the future and how we can support you in your endeavours. So when you are ready – we will be ready to act quickly to make sure that your goals get back on track. Being open minded to opportunities will help you sail these troubled waters. You might review and consider opportunities that you would have passed on before and these might turn out the be the best decisions you ever made.

In the meantime if you want a chat about the market, your career, talent planning or how to take advantage of time on furlough – just give us a call. We’re here for you.