Author: Abi Blank

Back to the office! Are you ready??

by Abi Blank August 11th, 2020

Over the last 6 months returning to the workplace physically seemed like a distant hope or completely unrealistic and in some ways a very frightening prospect. However, over the last few weeks, employers have begun to discuss and prepare for the return to the office, which for many indicates that things are beginning to return […]


Use your career to make positive change..

by Abi Blank August 12th, 2019 Charity Public Affairs Qualitative Quantitative

Want to Make a Difference? I am meeting more and more people these days who are looking for a change of direction, they are looking for a role with a social purpose, one that can help create societal change or have an impact on society. Its no surprise in these turbulent times that you would want […]


Securing your next team mate! Don’t wait around…

by Abi Blank January 21st, 2019

With recruitment, there are a number of elements that come into play. As a consultant, it’s our role to provide facts and overviews, bringing together potential matches, whilst instilling a sense of urgency for both the client and the potential employee. Living in the fast-paced world of 2019, making timely decisions is key for both […]


The never ending debate on flexi working – trust is key!

by Abi Blank March 5th, 2018

It’s 2018, and when it comes to communication, science has basically invented magic. We can access our work, our hobbies, and each other, with a few taps on the portable supercomputer tucked in in our pocket. It has never been easier for people to work flexibly or remotely. We have also, rightly, come to expect […]


Re-fuel and Start Again

by Abi Blank September 1st, 2017

As I write this, it has been pouring with rain outside, all day, which isn’t a strange sight for the end of summer in England. It’s the time of year to re-fuel, fill up the tank and prepare for the last quarter, which for many industries can be turbulent, a bit like the weather. Most […]