Securing your next team mate! Don’t wait around…


With recruitment, there are a number of elements that come into play. As a consultant, it’s our role to provide facts and overviews, bringing together potential matches, whilst instilling a sense of urgency for both the client and the potential employee. Living in the fast-paced world of 2019, making timely decisions is key for both parties.

With most vacancies, we recognise the sense of urgency from our clients… (gap in the team, work is piling up, resource is low, etc). Sometimes however, the recruitment process can end up on the side-line. This is where we encourage our clients to be prescriptive, determine the talent that is needed, and when the person should start. Aim to stick to the deadline, otherwise your team/business may feel the strain in the long term.

How do we as recruiters respond to our clients brief timely?

  • Screened CVs are submitted within 24hrs of receiving the brief.
  • Update on the potential employees interview availability
  • Transparency – if the potential employee is interviewing else well (They may not be around for long!)

How can you as a client keep momentum going during a recruitment process?

  • If you like a CV, meet the potential employee that week, or at the very least engage them in a conversation if you are unable to meet. If a face to face meeting is unfeasible, Skype is just an effective.
  • If the person is not right, communicate this, so we can activate another search and send alternatives.
  • Do not let the process drag – ideally the interview process should take no longer than 7-10 days.

The most crucial part of the recruitment process is the offer stage, and we implement the same ‘timely decision’ concept with potential employees too. We try not to let the potential employee ‘sit on an offer’ for too long in order to meet the client’s needs, however we must appreciate that thinking space is required by them.

Maintaining a consistent sense of urgency throughout the duration of a brief can be a challenge, however, with a fast effective approach, it needn’t be a drag.