Re-fuel and Start Again

As I write this, it has been pouring with rain outside, all day, which isn’t a strange sight for the end of summer in England. It’s the time of year to re-fuel, fill up the tank and prepare for the last quarter, which for many industries can be turbulent, a bit like the weather.

Most people by now will have had a break, whether that consisted of a sun-drenched lounging around type of holiday, or an action-packed adventure. It is essential whatever form it comes in to take a mental break, not only a physical one. It re-charges the battery and if you want to get technical, releases endorphins that produce brain activity, which is super positive and makes you feel good.

Workplace well-being is everywhere. It looks to address and support staff with work related stress and promote good wellbeing, which in many ways can be connected to taking a step back and taking a well-deserved break.

Reset Yourself Mentally

Working non-stop is a sure way to burn yourself out, so even taking one day off can help reset yourself mentally and make it easier to have a clear head once back in the work environment. This is widely supported by scientific theory – if you push yourself through too many hours or days your brain starts to push back. Ideas that once flowed easily start to dry up, and easy tasks become harder. You need to give yourself and your brain some rest – switching off is a must, take time for yourself.

Feel More Productive When you return

How good does it feel to step away from your desk for just a few minutes, well imagine a whole day, or a few weeks? More and more companies are starting to realise the importance and benefits of taking time off, especially to pursue your own creative pursuits. Forward thinking large global agencies to smaller independently owned companies, are all trying to enhance creativity by giving employees time off to pursue ideas of their own. Some of the most successful and lucrative innovations have come as a result of that policy.

Maintaining a Work/Life Balance

When you take time off, you are reminded that you are a person who has interests and hobbies. Schedule them into your weekly routine. It will re-introduce you to many pursuits that haven’t been visited for months… go for a run, read a book or play games on your phone. Re-engage with your non-work life.

Realise You Need to Stop taking Work Home

Almost an impossible task, but people are finding it more and more difficult than ever to leave work at work. Having access to emails all day on your phone, makes it tricky stop work, even after you’ve left for the day. Replying to emails on the train, bus or when walking down the street becomes the norm. It is essential to take a day off, so attempt to completely switch off your work phone or emails. Once done, you will feel liberated and you’ll want to preserve the benefits of your time off.

Rekindle Your Relationships

If you are the type of person to postpone social gatherings in favour of time at the office, you need a reality check. While work is incredibly important and it’s hugely positive to focus on your career, it’s imperative to your mental health to work on your relationships – allow yourself to take the occasional Friday off to spend on the sofa watching a box-set back to back with your partner or a week away with friends – you will be so glad you did.

Reset Your Focus

So, my advice is, rest, re-fuel and reset your focus. This will put you one step closer to a productive and full speed run up towards the end of the 2017.