Use your career to make positive change..

Want to Make a Difference?

I am meeting more and more people these days who are looking for a change of direction, they are looking for a role with a social purpose, one that can help create societal change or have an impact on society. Its no surprise in these turbulent times that you would want to help create change. First thoughts are usually charity but there are other and sometimes better options – we really recommend looking at public affairs as a career that can offer you all of the above and a lot more.

The range of jobs within the public sector can be varied and diverse, what does it involve?

It can vary from agency to agency, most of them work closely with government departments, think tanks, working with a varied range of government departments like the Home Office, Depart of Work and Pensions, Department of Business, Energy and Industrial strategy.

Skills are transferable, especially if you are looking at junior to mid-level roles, the research conducted is similar to a consumer or a commercial environment, it requires a solid understanding of which methodologies would be most effective in applying and how to interpret the findings with a compelling narrative.

The type of work can be quite specific, ranging from large scale evaluations which involve a deep understanding of economics and behavioural change to exploring people’s attitude towards the new PM or policy change and development of new policies.

It can take your career to another level, you could specialise and become a thought leader in a particular area you are researching or one that is of most interest to you. You will be given the opportunity and exposure to present to government ministers at a high level, you will see your work being published in the press, this work is often publishing policy change.

Who knows in a few years instead of shouting at the news you could come across a headline announcing a change in flexible working policy or LGBT rights, it could be a direct result of the research you have conducted – bringing you back to your original desire of making change, a societal difference – a role with a social purpose.

We work with a range of companies who can offer exactly this so give me a call if you want to find out more.