Achieved everything? What’s next?

You’re at, or near, the top – what next??

If you are an ambitious career professional then you are always thinking about the next move, but often the higher up you go, the harder it is to visualise the next opportunity.

Traditionally career progress could be identified by size of department, size of P&L, territory and, if you’re lucky, the size of your office. As companies merge and rationalise senior positions you may need to look elsewhere for that next move but where and how do you start?

How can you plan your career so that you continually feel challenged and rewarded? Work backwards.

Do you have a long term plan that involves retirement or a career change? If this date is 10-15 years in the future that you will need at least 1 if not 2 changes until you reach that point.

Can your current company provide you with these changes & challenges?

If you look around and can see people more senior than you operating at a level you want to, then this could be the place for you. Start the conversation with your manager or the HR/Talent team. Tell them that you want to plan your career and that you are interested to know what sort of options may be open to you in the future.

In a smaller owner managed company, why not think about what you can do for the business in line with your ambitions and theirs, and start to build your skills and the conversation towards the transition.

Take control, it’s your career and you need to drive it, think about what you need to achieve and work towards it.

And if you’re stuck, get in touch with us as we can help!