Aiming for Promotion?

What happens a year or two after you get your dream job?

Often boredom can set in, you start to find that life is a bit repetitive, so you get itchy feet.

It’s often easier to get a promotion by moving companies, but is that what you want? You’re already learning from your boss, your colleagues, and your clients, so maybe you need to look closer to home before you dust off that CV? This might seem like a strange thing for a recruiter to say – surely, we thrive on people who are unhappy and want to move…?

The reality for us is that we thrive on helping successful people achieve ultimate career goals. Part of a successful career is you taking control of your destiny and not waiting for time to pass, or for HR to notice.

Getting to know your future employer is a very important part of the interview process. One of the questions you can ask at interview stage is – How do you promote people? It’s useful to understand their promotion process, so that you know what and when to push for that next step in your career.

To be successful, it is important you take control and manage career. From the early stages, decide what you want to achieve, set your goals and timelines, and work towards them. By doing so, you can monitor your progression and evaluate your career development.

Here are some top tips to help you manage your career:

  • Find a mentor – ideally in a different department, or even company. The Research industry is full of kind and generous people who want to support talent. Check out the MRS mentoring programme.
  • Research. Invest time and energy in understanding the capabilities of your chosen career.
  • Understand yourself and your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Be bold and ask the question. If you are an RE or SRE and want to understand how you can become an RM – Ask!

Once you have these all noted, plot your career path, learn the skills, and make the connections you need in order to succeed. You won’t get anywhere by sitting back and waiting for it to happen, so take control, and success will follow.

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