Are you a ‘Responsible Business’?

In today’s crowded marketplace, being a responsible business can really showcase some of  your values to your team, as well as attract the staff you want/need.  Hasson Associates have recently joined the Heart of the City community, who offer guidance and connections to support businesses plan, action and measure their charitable activities.

The good news is that we are a ‘Responsible Business’ but there is always more to be done and being part of this programme allows us to keep this to the forefront.

What makes us responsible? – here are a few of our initiatives.


  • We have removed all desk bins from our office and replaced them with various recycling bins for food waste / general waste and recycling waste.
  • We arrange professional shredding of hard copy personal data, of which is then recycled.
  • No paper cups or single use plastic are provided in our office and kitchen.


The team support a wealth of Charities throughout the year.
Here are a few examples of our team efforts:

Aside from the above examples, we regularly acknowledge key dates and charities on our social media platforms, which we hope helps build awareness for those organisations.


  • An in house Adult Mental Health Champion.
  • Team quarterly social events.
  • Promotion of healthy eating – free fruit in the office.
  • Desk Yoga
  • Early finishes on a Friday afternoon

If you are interested in being a more responsible business here are some tips:

  • Firstly, engage your senior team members in the topic, and form a committee.
  • Identify areas of focus for the business, whilst considering the community, environment and your workforce.
  • Develop your plan and get your employees involved.
  • Action your plans and have fun along the way!

Being a Responsible Business needn’t be costly or timely. Prepare a strategy that works with your business and action it. The output? Doing the right thing, setting examples, gaining recognition and increasing employee engagement from the start.