Back To School…

As summer (did we have one?) draws to a close, the end of August beginning of September has always had that back to school feel about it. For children up and down the country the summer holidays are over and it’s a new uniform, schoolbag, shoes, and pencil case as they head back to the classroom to refocus on another year of studies. For our young people September is the time of year to focus on their future, to make change, be ambitious and gather themselves for the year ahead.

It’s always felt odd to me that for adults, new beginnings and change is always focussed on a new year – ‘new year, new you’ shout the tabloids as they encourage us to lose weight, stop drinking, try exercise, create a new you for the year ahead. New beginnings in the dead of winter have never felt motivating for me. Look at the facts – January is cold, its dark for a large part of the day, our minds are only focussed on what’s for dinner and getting through the inevitable winter hibernation until we can finally emerge, eyes blinking from the dark, into spring and the light.

Isn’t it better for us to take stock and address our goals, personal and professional, whether it’s actually losing some of those lockdown pounds, finally completing a Couch to 5K or finding that ambitious new role in September? As we all return to work refreshed from our summer holidays, positive in our outlook from some time spent away from our desks and phones (and colleagues), the nights are still relatively light, the days warm (ish), a glass of chilled rose still a distinct possibility. Some lucky people have managed to while away holiday hours on a sun lounger daydreaming about what it is they really want to do with their lives, what they want their futures to look like and the ideal company that would be lucky enough to employ them in their new adventure. September is the PERFECT time for change. All those ideas and positive energy are still with you and channelling it into a new job search is the perfect way to use it.

Here at Hasson Associates, we see organisations doing similar. As everyone returns to work, they too take stock, make plans, look at their recruitment needs and what the year ahead looks like. September always sees us with a whole range of new and exciting roles and we’re always keen to hear from talented candidates who want to turn their summer daydreams into reality. So, if that’s you, grab your new pencil case (do kids still have pencil cases?), update your CV and get in touch with us, we can work with you to make sure that your goals are achieved and ambitions fulfilled. By January and the new year all you’ll need to worry about is whether you need to make an extra hole in that new Christmas belt.