Back to the office –Working together Re-imagined.

On Monday March 16th we were advised to not go back to the office and to work from home wherever possible.  No one at the time expected to not be back at their desk soon after.  

Now for most of us, working from home is the ‘norm’ and going back into an office environment full time seems a million miles away.

We are now hearing that many of our clients are beginning the journey back to work but it is clear that the office will no longer be the default place to work.

It is likely that people will not choose to go into the office every day to simply work at a desk, and it seems employers are on board with this trend which is really positive.

There are things that we miss – socialising and collaborating are key and we need to find a way to embed this into the new workplace. Although zoom, teams etc. have enabled us to communicate and work together remotely, it is not the same as meeting in person.  So companies need to incorporate opportunities to meet and build team morale, friendships, and a much better and successful working life.

So, using the work space needs to be re imagined – both in terms of how and when. Many companies will adopt a blended approach which includes work from home, team days and hot-desking and that balance will be essential going forward.

Overall keep the communication lines open and make sure you are checking in with your staff and your colleagues to make sure that you maintain your culture and values.   

It’s a new normal but working together it can just be as effective as the traditional bricks and mortar of an office.

Good luck in making the office work.