Coming of Age

This year we celebrate our 5th birthday and as we head into the year we are both proud of what we have achieved and really excited at what’s to come in the years ahead. To date we have placed over 500 research professionals from Project Executives and Programmers to Researchers and Managing Directors. We have built entire teams for clients and helped new entrants to the market get their foot on the ground.

Both recruitment and market research have changed a lot since we set up in 2008 and these challenges have made the last 5 years interesting and very rewarding.

The market research industry continues to evolve and overlap into other elements of the marketing mix. You tell us that your clients are more demanding of research and that technology continues to play a major part in the development of insight and research. As we revealed in our skills round up of 2012 ( and in other reports on Research Live there is a new focus on data. We certainly see that in the new companies we are working with and also in the skills set that our candidates present.

Recruitment has changed in that technology also means that you are doing more yourself and bringing some recruitment activity in-house. So for us it means that we are honing our skills and better understanding where our strengths lie so that we can focus on providing the service that you need. We have always believed that this is a industry where partnership is key to a successful relationship and we are pleased to have had great support from all our partners in the last 5 years.

For us 2013 means an expansion of our products and services so that your customer experience with us, whether you are a job seeker or looking for a new team member, is more targeted and efficient.
So far this year we have launched Hasson Associates International; this is going well so far and already we are working on assignments in the US, Africa and Asia. There will be further product launches throughout the year.

It’s always been about customer experience and service for us so we are constantly striving to make sure that we take the pain out of the recruitment process and add a little fun. Hopefully you have experienced this and if you haven’t please get in touch with the team here and we can give you more information on recruitment the Hasson Associates way.

For more information on Hasson Associates and the sectors we cover please call us on 020 7637 1300 or check out our website.