CSI Hasson Associates

We like to challenge ourselves at Hasson Associates and it’s no different when we are having fun! In the past years we have thrown ourselves around an ice rink; confused ourselves with complicated quizzes and had an Olympic sized challenge in central London. So what to do next.

We decided to leave it in the trusted hands of our GM, Sarah Penny and she decided that we needed to do something completely different.

So CSI Hasson Associates was launched for one day only. We headed out for lunch on a blisteringly hot day still in the dark as to what we were doing. Febe was only on day 2 of her life at Hasson Associates so a definite baptism of fire.
We were collected by an ex Detective Inspector and taken to our crime scene. Of course we needed to look the part so that was the first task. After that we learned how to take finger prints, do blood and hair analysis and photo fits all whilst enjoying a cold beer (am sure that wasn’t supposed to happen).

It was a great day and we solved the crime!

We rewarded ourselves in the style of all good detectives by downing a few beers on the South Bank.
CSI Southbank