The CV minefield

It’s essential that you have a current CV, you never know when you are going to get a call about that dream job. If you get into the habit of keeping it updated then it will be less of a chore when the call comes.

The first CV was written by Leonardo da Vinci in 1482 and it is now an essential part of career management.

There have been changes over the years but essentially this is still your introduction, it is an essential document for employers and employees.

We see hundreds of CV’s and there are no 2 CV’s which match in format, content or style. At Hasson Associates we don’t interfere too much with the content of your CV but we do encourage you to think about what you are saying.

You must make sure your skills and achievement’s stand out. The layout should be clear, easy to read and clutter free, read it over again and decide for yourself.

In the research and insight sector spelling mistakes or grammatical errors are unforgiveable. Double check and check again.

If you have had time out for any reason, include it. A CV should flow and tell your story.

If you have uploaded a CV to a job board, make sure that you have included any relevant keywords to ensure that recruiters can find your CV.

In terms of length we recommend no more than two A4 pages. Standard layout would be profile; education; work history; followed by other experience and relevant information.