Diversity and Inclusion

Over the past few weeks, we have been discussing the importance of inclusion and diversity in the workplace. Being an APSCo member, committed to diversity, we are continuously looking at ways in which we can improve and raise awareness both in house and with our clients.

It was interesting to see the result of our recent poll, highlighting just how important workplace diversity and inclusion policies are to our candidate’s decision process. As you can see it is becoming an important marker for a good employer.

We recommend that you re-evaluate your business policies to ensure your recruitment process is fair, and non-discriminatory.

We know that diversity breeds creativity, so we will;

  • Continue to educate our clients on the importance of diversity throughout the recruitment process
  • Network within all communities to make sure that we are reaching a broad section of the community
  • Support the #mrx industry in its quest for greater diversity

By collaborating with Hasson Associates, you can be sure that we will support your recruitment process fairly, equally and inclusively as per our promise with APSCo > https://hasson.wpengine.com/content/uploads/2020/09/Diversity-and-inclusion-Apsco.pdf